Tracking Time and Managing Your Accounts Receivable


Firms of all sizes struggle with time tracking. Particularly when services are billed on a hourly rate. In order to properly track time you need to have a system in place that is reliable, accessible and easy for staff to use.

Most importantly it must not take much time to track time or employees will become frustrated. Staff that become frustrated will look for shortcuts which ultimately means missing billable hours. Delayed time entries can cost a firm a lot of money. From employees completely forgetting to record time to incorrectly entering it, it all adds up. A delay in a time entry also hurts your accounts receivables. The length of time between when you have to pay your employees and when you see the payments come in for their work is long enough, any delay just extends it.

Client track has a fully functional system for tracking time and managing your A/R built right on top of the task and deadline management.

From built in timers that can record down to the second how long you work on a task. To a quick entry system that will allow an employee to enter their entire day in a minute or two. Client track has all of your time tracking covered.

It also contains an incredibly inĀ­depth reporting system that can allow you to run reports on account balances and productivity reports on individual employees to name a few.