Managing Workloads


In order to effectively manage your workload you require detailed information on the work needing to be completed, which employees are available, and the priority level of the work.

Issues with monitoring internal deadlines, reminding clients of deadlines or tracking clients information will make managing workloads seemingly impossible.

The widely used firstĀ­-in, firstĀ­-out system is an extremely simple solution, however, it is incapable of taking into account deadlines. It also falls apart the second you realize a client has forgot to bring something in or is missing some piece of information.

In a perfect world, with perfect clients this system may work, but we unfortunately do not live there and these issue happen on a daily basis.

The biggest issue with not properly managing your workload is employee turnover. Without a clear picture of your employees workloads you may unknowingly be overworking one employee and under working another.

A clear understanding of the work each employee has and the work that is coming down the road allows you to adjust staffing levels accordingly. Thus reducing the risk of employee burnout.

Client Track makes a seemingly difficult task of managing your workload, incredibly simple. As Client Track has all Federal and Provincial deadlines built into the system monitoring deadlines is as simple as a clicking a checkbox.

Client Track also reminds clients of deadlines and can keep track all missing information. Form the Calendar view in Client Track you can simply drag and drop task to days with less work, assign them other employees, and change the priority level. It also provides an estimate of the hours of work each employee has for each day. This solves a very large problem for a lot of firms in a very simple way.