How Tracking of Client Information Can Increase Overall Profitability


We’ve all experienced it—loss of efficiency while working on client files. Generally this inefficiency can be attributed to “rework”. What is rework? Simply put, it’s the rewind, review, and refocus required every time you are interrupted while working on a client’s file. Each phone call, email, question from a co-worker–even missing information from the client’s file–causes an interruption that can take several minutes to recover from.

We spend on average, 20 minutes in “rework mode”. Now add that up over the course of your work day, and multiply that by your hourly rate, and you can easily see why your profits are decreased due to lack in efficiency.

Client Track can help you track your client information and reduce the rework phenomenon.

Client Track has two program tools designed to increase office efficiency. The first is the Communication Logger; the second is the Missing Information Tracker. Let’s look at each tool in more detail.

The Communication Logger is an internal communication system that allows you to quickly notate something or ask a co-worker a question regarding a client’s file and then move on so that precious focus is not lost thereby avoiding the need to rework.

    • Log client interactions into the Communication Logger, and have the ability to notify another person in the firm of the interaction or ask them a question. (Eliminate Post-It Notes!)
    • Internal communications can be volleyed back and forth among team members until a question is resolved or a task is completed.
    • Create a date-stamped electronic trail regarding who was notified, what question was asked (as well as the answer), and when that task or communication was resolved or completed.
The other program tool is the Missing Information Tracker. When you do your initial review of the information a client brings in, the Missing Information Tracker allows you to notate any pieces of information you still need to receive.

Once logged, you will be able to see at a glance if a file is complete and ready to be worked on or if you still need to receive something from the client before moving forward. You can even let the client know what information is missing directly from the system.

Client Track enables every person in your firm to become a knowledgeable and effective point person. Information becomes accessible to all staff members so that anyone that answers a phone call or speaks to a walk-in client will be able to quickly identify any missing information or share an update regarding their file.

Utilizing both program features together will take your team’s efficiency to the next level.