The Danger Of Using Spreadsheets To Track Your Deadlines


You’re a detail-oriented, linear thinker (you are an Accounting Professional after all). So spreadsheets are your friend, right? They allow you to organize your work and keep track of your deadlines. But do they work? You have an amazing spreadsheet filled with details and colors and columns… so why did you miss that deadline last month?

Spreadsheets can be useful tools. However, the key to utilizing a spreadsheet for tracking purposes is the ability to consistently update it. In a single person firm, only one person is responsible for the success of the spreadsheet. You rely on yourself to enter tasks, deadlines, and progress into the spreadsheet. The process gets compounded by each additional employee also responsible for updating that same spreadsheet.

Scenario #1

IMAGINE THIS – You have a new client and are in the process of entering their data onto your spreadsheet when the phone rings. You answer that call and immediately get caught up in tending to the action item that call creates. This leads you to remembering you need to do that exact same task for another client.

Meanwhile, three new emails come in, two of which need your immediate attention… and so on and so forth until you remember you were busy entering that new client into your spreadsheet. Not only did you forget to log all of that activity into your spreadsheet, you didn’t even realize you forgot to include a very important deadline in the task list for that new client.

Scenario #2

IMAGINE THIS – It’s month end or payroll processing week or even worse, the busy tax season. You can barely keep your head above water, much less take the time to update your spreadsheet… but this is the time you need to rely on it the most!

Now multiply that by the number of employees you have, not to mention the number of clients you have, and you can begin to see how easily a spreadsheet can fall short for keeping you (and your team) on track–no matter how organized or well‐intentioned it may be.

Enter Clear Biz. Clear Biz does all of the updating, reminding, and worrying for you.

Simply import your client list from your existing tax or accounting software, choose your tasks from predefined options, even create your own critical custom tasks/deadlines (i.e., FBAR, FATCA). Clear Biz includes:

  • Built in Federal/State/Sales Tax Deadlines
  • Task and Deadline Management
  • Time and Billing  Management
  • Year End Workflow Management

Clear Biz will even immediately alert you if you are over budget! The program allows you to see all of your upcoming tasks and deadlines at a glance. You’ll never have to worry about missing a deadline again. You’ll never have to worry about missing a deadline again.

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