Notifying Clients About Upcoming Deadlines


A large majority of accounting/bookkeeping firms operate on a responsive model. Clients bring in work when they bring it in and it is completed on a first­in, first­out basis. This strategy is flawed in many ways:
    • It is difficult to predict workload.
    • It is difficult to schedule staff vacations and time off.
    • The control of the firm is placed in the client’s hands.
    • Clients may think that their business is not important to you
    • Client may forget deadlines and receive penalties.
    • It looks unprofessional to be constantly battling fires.

A proactive approach, of notifying your clients of upcoming deadlines, gives you more control over the work you already have and allows you to see what is due to be coming in.

It reassures your clients that they are important to you and gives them enough time to get everything to you. Gaining back this control will help to eliminate stress for everyone in the company.

Client Track has built this proactive approach into the software. It will automatically send notifications to your clients, reminding them of their upcoming deadlines.

The system does almost all of the work, making the switch to a proactive approach very easy.