Potential Value Added Services


The following is a list of potential value added services that you could add to your offering. The choice of any number of these is completely yours. When deciding, take into account your personal skill set, willingness to learn, and possible legislative or regulatory restrictions in your jurisdiction.

Cash Flow

Generating significant cash flow budgets. These can then be used to recommend many other services.

Financing Packages

Help your clients create financing packages for their banks. Be careful with this as specific rules are enforced when preparing information for banks. Do not offer this service unless you are certain you know the requirements.

Quarterly Reports and Updates

Generating reports that shows the strengths and weakness of your clients financial numbers. Sit down and review these quarterly with your clients. This is also a great way to charge some additional fees and identify more services you could potentially be offering.


Accounts, by nature, see the inner workings of a lot more businesses than the average business owner. They may have only ever seen inside their own company.

There are many resources available to you that would allow you to provide business mentoring or at the very least webinars training clients on business basics, record keeping and deductibility of expenses.

Wealth Management

This is a fast growing sector that should only be entered with the assistance of qualified people. You could however offer your eyes as a second set to review what your clients current wealth manager is reporting to them. This way you can help protect your clients best interests.

Succession Planning

There is a pretty good chance that every business will need a transition plan and the sooner they put one in place the better. Businesses can either be passed down the family line, sold to staff, sold to external parties, or simply shut down. These are the only four options available
and for some reason most clients do not realize it.

This can be a service that you offer or simply a conversation that guides them to a local expert. Either way your clients will be thankful you had the conversation with them.

Business Brokerage

Has many complex rules that vary depending on the jurisdiction. Do your due diligence and find out at least the basic information. You
yourself can become a business broker or build relationships with local ones. This may provide income in the form of a referral fee. Please note that some accounting designations do not allow you to receive referral fees.

Data Management

During your clients transitions there will be unique needs for data management. This is because of the support that they need to provide for due diligence in the transaction.

You can offer your clients a service of organizing this information, which can become rather lucrative if they have several interested parties.

Project Management

By nature Accounting Professionals are more organized that the average business owner. You can use this natural gift to provide project management services for your clients.


Processes accounts payable and staying on top of payments for your clients. This alleviates a task that business owners may find mundane.

Accounts Receivable

Assist your clients with invoicing and collections.


Generating special reports to help management make better decisions.

Paperless Consultant

Assist your clients with the transition to a paperless office. Provide checklists and project management services to make the transition as easy as possible for your clients.


With the overwhelming number of software, and cloud solutions available today, clients are finding it difficult to make decisions. You can work directly with the client to determine exactly what they need and the best options for them. You can also be of assistance with the implementation of the software or transition to the cloud.


Offering a variety of above options will allow you to act as an external control for your clients. The high level assistance you provide not only helps your clients business it also helps to solidify the relationship you have.

Most of the time account firms are already acting as an external controller. However using the title of Controller gives clients the perception of higher value. Making the switch to calling yourself a controller will not only increase your perceived value it will also differentiate you in crowded markets.