Value Added Services


Automating your workflow and reducing inefficiencies will really show you what your company is capable of. To see some extensive growth, take a look at the services that you are offering to your ideal clients and introduce the services that they require.

There are a couple of different approaches to determining your clients needs. If you have the time and some money to invest in market research you can yield some incredible results. The other option, is to simply speak to your current ideal clients. They will not be scared to let you know what services they wished you offered. Be sure to ask them what they find to be stressful in their daily business affairs.

After asking a few different clients a pattern will start to emerge. The pattern will show a short list of services that your ideal clients could really benefit from. Identifying highly painful areas for your clients that you can resolve, can take your business to the next level. It will improve your profit, as the more it pains your clients, the more they will be willing to pay to have you take care of it. Think of it like this, someone with a debilitating migraine will pay much more to have it take care of than someone with the minor scratch on their arm. Sure it’s annoying, but it is manageable.

It will also strengthen the relationship that you have with the client. They will see that you are dedicated to helping them and taking their pains into consideration.