Defining Your Ideal Client – In-Depth Look


There are numerous advantages to having a very clearly-defined description of who your ideal client is. First, marketing becomes easier since you know their needs and “pain points” ­­you’ll know exactly how to get their attention.

Second, networking becomes more targeted as you learn which seminars to attend, which professionals to reach out to, and who to describe when asking for referrals.

Third, sales become easier as you develop services around the needs of your ideal client. You know what they need and how best to service them. You can develop a name for yourself as the “expert” to this niche group.

Finally, it’s easier to develop a growth plan when you are focused on an ideal client and obtaining more like them.

Here are some questions to help you define your ideal client:

    • What defines my ideal client? Is it industry, region, service line, etc.?
    • What is the size of my ideal client?
    • Are my ideal clients owner-­managed, professionally-managed or other?
    • Are my ideal clients stand ­alone businesses or franchises?
    • Who are their largest vendors?
    • Do they have a niche of their own?
    • How are they trained?
    • Where do they gather? Do they have an industry magazine, association, or annual conference?
    • Do they require ongoing training for their business? If so, who offers that training?
    • What is the biggest challenge in their niche?
    • What specialized knowledge will you require to assist them? Do you have it or can you obtain it?
Once you answer all of these questions, you will have a pretty good idea of the client you would like to work with. After all, don’t you want want all your clients to be “ideal”?