Cloud Solutions


There are three different variations when it comes to cloud solutions. In this article we will go over the three version in order to fully understand how each function.

1. “Pure” Cloud

This solution requires absolutely nothing be installed onto your computer. These solutions are accessed from your web browser and function as any other software. They are designed to work with your browser’s navigation buttons and are rapidly growing in popularity.

2. “Hybrid” Cloud

This solution requires a small installation onto your computer. Generally you are only installing an interface that will allow you to access the solution. For example, some of the screen sharing/webinar tools widely available today have a small installation before you can access. The majority of the work the tool is doing will be done in the cloud, not on your computer.

3. “Hybrid” Cloud

This solution requires that you install all standard desktop applications on a virtual PC located in the cloud. That way you have a computer that is fully equipped with all the necessary tools and access to data. That can be accessed from any computer. For example, CloudLinx ( provides a virtual desktop solution that allows you to install Quickbooks or Sage 50 directly onto a virtual computer. You are able to access your virtual desktop from any internet connected device such as smartphone, tablet, Mac etc.