Sales – An Introduction


To thrive, every business needs sales. Does just thinking of the term “sales” make you cringe? If so, you’re not alone.

Many people, when asked, associate sales with negative connotations. Examples abound of annoying interruptions at the worst times and unscrupulous salespeople pushing you to buy something you don’t need or can’t afford.

It’s time to push those negative thoughts out of your head and, instead, think of sales as relationship building and salespeople as relationship managers.

Human beings all operate in a “sales role” in one way or another. We are natural negotiators. Most of our actions are driven by a necessity to have our needs met.

We often build relationships with people that will further our goals, meet some need, or help in some tangible way. Relationships are a give and take with each participant benefiting from the association.

Likewise, your business associations should be thought of as mutually beneficial relationships where each of you can provide something the other side needs.

For example, you provide services, your client provides you revenue; you provide added value to your clients with educational seminars, they reward you with referrals of new, pre­-qualified prospects.

With a focus on building deeper client relationships and identifying their business needs, sales doesn’t have to be a negative or daunting concept.