Operational Efficiency – Systems and Processes


Any company’s ability to scale and grow is going to be limited if they do not have the strategic documentation of systems and process for training purposes.

Companies with complete documentation spend less time training and more time focused on growing the business.

New employees integrate into the workflow easily and become productive much faster. Training becomes on­going and on­demand. Employees can find the information that they need quickly without disturbing anyone else or wasting time waiting.

The best approach to documenting your systems and processes is to create short 3­5 minute how­-to videos on almost every internal process. You can then save the videos on your server or intranet site or email them out at your discretion. Another great option is to create a private YouTube Channel that can then be accessed from anywhere and any computer.

There are many great pieces of software available to capture videos of your computer screen. They record the screen as you work and will record audio as you explain what you are doing and why. Some will even record video, if that is something that you would like.