Operational Efficiency – Digitization Of Data


Accounting and Bookkeeping professionals can take a massive step forward in efficiency by embracing the digitization of data. Not only do you face the challenges of your own internal paperwork but you are also responsible for your clients.

Making the switch to a paperless office may seem like an incredibly daunting task, but taking it step by step will allow you see the benefits immediately and motivate you to continue down this road. There are also companies that specialize in the aiding in the process.

The first step to going paperless, is to convert your own documents to electronic documents. With a good scanner this process is rather simple. If you do not have a scanner there are business that can do this process for you at a very reasonable price.

Some issues arise with documents that require signatures. Service providers exist to enable digital signatures, thus eliminating the need to print, sign and then scan a document that required a signature. Once this is completed all paperwork can be sent and received electronically saving an incredible amount of time.

Next, convert your fax line to a fax­to­email service. This will allow you to eliminate unnecessary phone lines and printing. Electronic copies are also significantly easier to integrate with digital storage devices and can be backed up so there is no chance losing the document.

There are different services from Fax­to­email providers. Some of which only notify you and allow you to download when necessary and others send them as attachments. That decision is entirely dependent on the structure of your office.

Save and file receipts digitally by utilizing the camera that is built into most phones.There are also apps that can scan and produce a PDF right from your phone.

The last step is handling the storage of accounting records. Companies exist to aid in this process as well. Simply take the records, fill an envelope and mail in and the companies will scan and securely store online for you. They can be accessed and downloaded at anytime from anywhere.