Networking – Don’t Forget To Follow Up


So you’ve attended a networking event, and have come back with a stack of business cards but ­­now what? Now is the time for action!

If you accumulate business cards and have no urgency, you will find yourself in a cold call situation where the prospect will not remember you or your conversation. That defeats the whole purpose of obtaining that business card in the first place!

Let’s start at the beginning. You receive information about a new prospect. This information is obtained either from a referral source (see the Channel Partners article for more on this), or directly from the prospect him/herself. In either case, be sure to gather as much information about the prospect as possible, but at the very least, make sure you have a way to reach out to that person again­­either by phone or email.

If you received a business card from the prospect, following the conversation, make notes on the card itself regarding what you discussed. If you didn’t obtain a business card, try to jot down notes as soon after the conversation as possible so nothing is forgotten.

Try to discover how you can help the prospect in your initial conversation. Doing so will give you a legitimate reason to follow up with them and
immediately establishes the usefulness of your new relationship.

After that first follow up, don’t get lazy and forget to nurture the relationship. An excellent way to stay on top of your follow ups is to utilize a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software. CRM Software will be discussed further in another article.