Networking – Channel Partners

Business People

You already know who your ideal customer is (if you haven’t defined that yet, please see our article on defining your ideal customer for more information). Now consider the other business professionals that ideal client is likely to need or use­­all are potential channel partners.

Channel partners are business professionals that service the same clients you do and are open to working together in marketing, networking, and especially, referrals.


If you are an Accountant, Bookkeepers can provide the biggest source of rapid growth for you. On average, Bookkeepers have 20 to 30 clients at any given time­­all of which are potential referrals if you nurture the relationship and provide impeccable service to their clients.


If you are a Bookkeeper, Accountants can be an excellent source of referrals for you. Many Accountants do not want bookkeeping work, and are happy to refer business to one or two trusted bookkeepers. Deliver consistent, quality service, and you watch your business grow.

Corporate Lawyers

One advantage of corporate lawyers over other referral sources is that they are typically involved in the early formation of new partnerships, incorporation, and other legal structures. This means potentially being introduced to new businesses that have yet to find an Accounting Professional to work with.

Commerical Insurance Agents

Commercial insurance agents have clients that understand the value of protecting their business.appreciate good, conscientious, trustworthy service.

Investment Professionals

Find a good investment advisor you trust and are very comfortable recommending. Then, involve them, when appropriate, in your client meetings. Having their advice readily available may be invaluable to your client, and will earn you referrals in return.


Bankers have a vested interest in having their clients work with good and solid Accounting Professionals. Cultivate relationships with several, and referral opportunities will abound.

Working with channel partners can lead explosive business. Channel partners are an excellent networking investment because they will provide you with good, pre-qualified leads simply because they hope to get the same from you!

A word of caution though ­ always remember the leads you receive from a channel partner belong to that person. Don’t try to “steal” that client away from your referral source or disrespect that relationship in any way. Treat both the channel partner and their referrals with superior care and attention, and you will find yourself with as much work as you can handle!