Sales and Marketing – A Progressive Relationship


Many businesses think of Sales and Marketing as one activity. Unfortunately, doing so can lead to missed opportunities. Instead, change your mind set and separate the two activities so you can take advantage of this progressive partnership.

Marketing is what a firm does to generate interest in their business. Marketing activities bring potential clients to your door.

Marketing can include any of the following activities:

    • Media and print advertising
    • Brochures
    • Signage
    • Website
    • Networking events
    • Educational events – seminars or webinars, including business to business interaction
    • Social Media
Sales takes over once the initial contact is made with a potential client. From that point, a salesperson nurtures that prospect in the hope of transitioning them from potential to actual client. Think of a salesperson as a relationship manager.

The goal is to cultivate a deeper understanding of a prospect’s business needs so that the salesperson can help a prospect understand how your product or service fits with their business or resolves a specific need.

Seldom with Sales or Marketing do you see immediate results. However, both activities are essential to the success of your business. With a carefully laid out marketing strategy, you can drive potential prospects to your sales team.

From there, your salespeople can nurture and further develop the relationship with that prospect until, the ultimate goal is achieved—they become a client.