Operational Efficiency – Embrace Telecommuting As A Strategy


Telecommuting is simply the ability to work from anywhere. It is similar to outsourcing, but with your own employees. They can work from anywhere but also can come into the office whenever needed.

Telecommuting can help reduce office costs and actually allow you to downsize your office while growing a company. It allows you recruit works from outside your local area. Which if you are located in some small remote communities may be the only way to grow. It open the doors to employee that were previously not possible and makes outsourcing even easier.

Telecommuting can also be leveraged as a perk to certain employees. Some employees despise their commute to work and giving them the opportunity to work from home could be just the nudge it takes to change an unhappy unproductive employee around.

In order to effectively implement telecommuting you need to have implemented a cloud-based services or have the ability of workers to access the software and files they require. It is also essential that you have the right communication platform, such as VoIP and an internal chat system, such as Skype.

Encouraging your team to use the internal chat system. It will help them to build relationships regardless of whether or not they are in the office. It provides a social outlet and provides them a place where they can seek the help that they need to complete their tasks.

With more companies embracing telecommuting comes more companies catering to it. This means that there are now all kinds of online tools that facilitate project management, integration and collaboration for telecommuting employees.