Operational Efficiency – Implement Cloud-Based Services


Moving to a cloud­based office allows you to eliminate your internal information technology infrastructure.

This will significantly reduce Information technology costs and drastically improve reliability. With some proper planning and forethought you can implement a solution that can move you entirely into the cloud.

The cost savings can be substantial, but the best part isn’t the cost savings. The best part is that you gain the flexibility to work from anywhere, on any device, at any time. That means you can be putting out fires from the beach while on a holiday.

It is highly recommended to make the move to cloud based services over time. Make a plan and gradually move to the cloud when hardware or software is scheduled to be replaced. There is no sense spending more money now to move to the cloud when you just spent money on new hardware or software for each computer.

A good place to start is with some of the widely available free cloud­based solutions such as Google’s vastly growing suite of applications. This will not cost you a cent and will allow you to get a sense of what cloud­ computing feels like and is capable of.

If it is time to upgrade your Microsoft office suite think about making the switch to Office 365. It contains all of the same features but doesn’t sit on your computer eating up space.

If you are like many and a little reluctant to jump onboard with Cloud­based services, there is a solution for you. Many companies exist that are an intermediate step into the cloud. They allow you to install all of your software on their “virtual computers” and store all your data securely on their servers.

This means that you can access your virtual computer from anywhere but it still has the exact same look and feel of working on your own computer.